10Corp Subpoena Policy

In adherence to the steadfast principles of legal compliance and privacy protection, 10Corp has established a robust Subpoena Policy, a testament to our unwavering commitment to safeguarding customer information while upholding the tenets of lawful inquiry.

Submission of Subpoenas: Subpoenas pertaining to customer identity or account information must be meticulously crafted and formally submitted to Web Services LLC, 10Corp’s esteemed affiliate. Our operational nexus resides within the precincts of Torrance, California, where all subpoenas are to be served or dispatched via mail to the designated Compliance Department at the following address:

Compliance Department
Web Services LLC
4310 W. 190th St, Suite # 56191,
Torrance, CA, USA 90504 USA

Alternatively, digital submission of subpoenas is expedited via email to cs@10corp.com, meticulously addressed to the discerning eyes of the Compliance Department.

Policies Regarding E-mail: A pivotal component of our Subpoena Policy concerns the production of email content, a domain safeguarded by the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, 18 U.S.C. ยง2701 et seq., which delimits an electronic communications service provider’s purview. At Web Services LLC, the sanctity of email correspondence is paramount, with strict adherence to non-disclosure unless under circumscribed circumstances. Moreover, our email servers maintain a stringent regimen, eschewing the retention of deleted or sent email.

Notice to Customer and Response Time: Upon the receipt of a valid civil subpoena, we exercise due diligence by promptly notifying the affected customer via the conduits of email or traditional mail. In instances bereft of exigency, immediate disclosure is withheld, affording the customer ample opportunity to seek legal recourse, exemplifying our unwavering commitment to due process. Furthermore, a nominal administrative fee may be levied, a prudent measure to defray the costs associated with subpoena compliance.

Fees for Subpoena Compliance: The adjudication of subpoena compliance necessitates judicious financial considerations, with Web Services LLC exacting fair remuneration commensurate with incurred expenses. Our fee structure encompasses research endeavors, Federal Express expenses, and copy dissemination, assiduously enumerated as follows:

  • Research โ€“ $75.00/hour
  • Federal Express โ€“ Cost as Billed
  • Copies โ€“ $.25/page

Treatment of Confidential Information: In alignment with the imperative of confidentiality preservation, documents procured in response to subpoenas may contain sensitive information necessitating meticulous handling. Such documents are unequivocally designated as “CONFIDENTIAL,” entailing stringent access protocols and stringent adherence to non-disclosure imperatives. The custodial responsibility of maintaining the confidentiality integrity extends to all entities privy to such information, with stringent directives concerning deposition usage, court filings, and eventual destruction post-adjudication.

The efficacy of our Subpoena Policy rests on the twin pillars of legal compliance and privacy preservation, epitomizing 10Corp’s unwavering dedication to ethical governance and customer-centricity in all operational facets.

This policy is a testament to our unwavering commitment to legal and ethical standards, ensuring that customer data remains safeguarded while upholding the imperatives of lawful inquiry. Should you require any further elucidation or assistance regarding our Subpoena Policy, do not hesitate to reach out to us at privacy@10corp.com.

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