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Protect Your Privacy: Conceal personal contact details from the Whois directory, bolster security against domain hijacking with Domain Lock Plus, and ensure your site’s safety with an SSL certificate.

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Why choose Domain Ownership Protection?

Extra security

Secure your domain from unauthorized transfers with 2-step verification.

Hide your details

Shield yourself from identity theft with free domain privacy, reducing spam.

Highly compatible

Secure your domain across popular extensions in seconds.

When you register a domain, you must provide and maintain up-to-date contact information for the public Whois database. This is required by ICANN and helps to regulate domain registration and ownership.

Usually, this is accessible to anyone, including marketing firms, spammers, and online fraudsters, but we strongly believe in the right to privacy for every individual.

This is why we offer free lifetime domain privacy protection with every new registration and transfer.

Our domain privacy service provider does not require your personal information to work. Any details you share with 10Corp will remain with us. The service hides your contact details and replaces your real email address with a unique anonymous email address that can be rotated as often as you choose.

How does it work?


  • YourDomain.com
  • Your Full Name
  • Your Business Name
  • Your Street Address
  • Your Phone Number
  • Your Email Address

Protected Domain

  • Registrant of: <DOMAIN>
  • c/o WhoisProxy.com
  • 604 Cameron Street
  • Alexandria, VA 22314
  • USA
  • +64 4 831 9528
  • [encrypted]@<DOMAIN>.whoisproxy.com

Frequently asked questions

Domain Privacy shields personal info from public view, safeguarding against identity theft and domain-related spam. Instead of revealing your details in the WHOIS database, our partner, WhoisProxy®, substitutes them with its own. You and WhoisProxy® will be the sole keepers of this confidential information.

Domain Privacy ensures full control and ownership of your domain while keeping personal details private. It prevents identity theft, spam, and the sale of your information. You can still be contacted by third parties without exposing your personal info to the public.

Most domain extensions allow for Domain Privacy. This includes popular extensions such as .com, .net, .org, .co, .tv, .mobi, and so many others! Here’s the full list of TLDs that do not support privacy.

Domain privacy and security is as important to us as it is to you. Without domain privacy, your private and sensitive information (which may include your name, home address, and contact numbers) may be collected and displayed in ICANN’s WHOIS database when you register your domain. Domain privacy ensures that these details are hidden from the public view. Our Domain Privacy + Protection package will make ICANN display our contact information in lieu of yours.

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  • You’ll receive Whois privacy service absolutely free with every eligible domain registration or transfer.
  • Your subscription expiration is based on the purchase date rather than the activation date.
  • Your subscription is provided by the company Withheld for Privacy and the services agreement it holds with 10Corp. Terms and conditions apply. Due to registry restrictions, Domain Privacy cannot be used with .ca, .ch, .cn, .co.uk, .com.au, .com.es, .com.sg, .de, .es, .eu, .fr, .gg, .id, .in, .is, .law, .li, .me.uk, .net.au, .nl, .nom.es, .nu, .nyc, .org.es, .org.au, .org.uk, .paris, .sg, .to, .uk, .us, .vote, .voto, .xn--3ds443g domains.
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